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Physics Lab

A well-equipped, efficient and spacious Physics lab is accessible to all students from classes VIII to XII. With the minimum capacity of 35-40 students, the lab has a strong room and a darkroom where all the apparatus and equipment are stored. The students, under the guidance of their Physics teacher and the lab assistants, perform a range of experiments to grab a better understanding of their lessons.

Chemistry Lab

A properly ventilated Chemistry lab provides for all the needs of the various students of classes VIII to XII, where, they can perform a variety of experiments in groups of maximum 35 students. The lab is equipped with 50 lockers, reagent bottle shelves on the desks, distilled water, fume chamber and a petrol gas plant (LPG cylinder is used during emergencies). A storage room, well stocked with chemicals, apparatus and a number of charts required for different classes is present, and under the expert supervision of the lab assistant and the Chemistry teacher.

Biology Lab

An efficient Biology lab with a number of specimens according to different phylum, permanent slides, three-dimensional models, charts and reagent shelves is present in the school. The students, in groups of a minimum of 35, can perform the corresponding experiments under the knowledgeable guidance of the Biology teacher and the lab assistant, and make their theoretical lessons all the more fruitful with hands-on experiment.

IT Lab


Every day, a number of Notre Dame Students can be seen making their way to the computer rooms. In this well developed, equipped with more than fifty computers, the students find a place to apply their theoretical knowledge to the actual technological know-how.

A glorious device which can perform a variety of functions, including computing, designing, analysis, procuring information and several more, the students, through this  haven, command a variety of practical skills, and even go on to select the field as their career.

Be it the practice sessions of Flash, or the code-writing sessions of Java, HTML or XML or the informative skills of Open Office, the students inculcate in themselves abilities which are a necessity in today’s world of IT. To enhance the experience of the marvelous virtual world, we have skilled and knowledgeable teachers- Mrs.Sujatha.G , Ms. Mary Cecilia S  & Mrs. Nethravathy who with their expertise lead the students through this complex yet splendid world.

Computer Science, taught from class I to VIII, FIT from IX to X, and IP in the P U level, take the aid of this magnificent lab to complement and complete their awareness.

The lab also adds to its splendor the smart class boards in each and every classroom of the premise, while the school also provides smart class boards in each and every classroom. [The computerized data and record keeping give a sense of clear awareness which is prevalent in the school.]